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Mark this date, Thursday, June 30, 2011. It’s the launch of Gojee, a visually stunning, photo driven, new food site that is different than any other food site on the web.

Gojee is not another social, recipe-swapping, blog-promoting website. The concept is simple, just type in the ingredients you have in your cupboard (or what you are craving) and Gojee will suggest recipes complete with eye-popping photography.

It’s free, quick to register, easy to use and absolutely gorgeous. We’ve had the pleasure to observe the development of this exciting new concept and are thrilled to see the site finally go live….check Gojee out here.


Favorite Food Finds 2010

These items may have been around for a while, but they have only recently found their way into our kitchen. Only a few products are special enough to make this list because these have all earned a permanent place in our cupboard or refrigerator. And nope, we haven’t been paid or otherwise compensated to promote these items.

Private Selection Fruit Fillings These ready-to-use fruit fillings for pies and pastries are just too good. With flavors like strawberry rhubarb, lemon, key lime and my current addiction, caramelized banana these substantial curd-like fillings come right out of the jar with a consistency that holds it’s shape in pies when sliced. We’ve been using the banana flavor on everything, even as a topping for our morning bowl of oatmeal. The Private Selection brand is available at Smith’s in Las Vegas and at other Kroger markets nationwide.

Greek Gods Greek Style Yogurt Very thick and very rich, we use the plain full-fat version in place of sour cream on everything. The buttery pomegranate and fig flavors are amazing. This stuff will make yogurt lovers out of the most serious yogurt haters.

Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes We won’t use any other canned tomato product for our prime rib chile or Mexican recipes.

Bacon Salt This smoky, bacony flavored salt turns a plain fried egg sandwich into well, a fried egg sandwich with bacon without the bacon grease. No MSG and vegetarian, too, if that matters.

Mayocabo Beans These dried beans, also called Canary beans, are about the same size as a pintos with a creamy interior and very tender outer skin which tends to make them easier to digest than other types of small beans. They hold their shape when cooked and make terrific soups, casseroles and refried beans. Look for them in the Latin foods section of your supermarket if they aren’t on the shelf with the other dried beans.

Ken’s Steak House Greek Salad Dressing Sure, we make a great vinaigrette, but this bottled salad dressing is so good it’s now our go-to bottled dressing for everything from salads to marinating chicken and veggies for outdoor grilling. A nice blend of feta, black olives, olive oil and anchovies.

Sherry Vinegar Sherry has been my primary wine for cooking for many years, but I only discovered sherry vinegar this year. I love the depth of flavor and use it now anytime I would normally use red wine vinegar. Buy a good brand in order to get a vinegar that still has the properties of good drinking sherry. This bottle cost $11.00. Like good balsamic, a little goes a long way.

Furikake This savory salt, sesame seed and seaweed sprinkle is used in Japan as a general table seasoning for plain rice. Think of it as the salt & pepper of Japan. We love it on eggs and cottage cheese. It turns a bowl of leftover rice into a quick and easy lunch.

Food Photography on the Las Vegas Strip

With a camera in nearly every cell phone and the availability of seriously good point-and-shoot digital cameras, anyone can be a food photographer these days. There’s no better place to snap great photos of world class cuisine prepared by top chefs than Las Vegas.

The main problem with shooting great photos in a restaurant is lighting and Caesars Entertainment is trying something new to solve that problem and accommodate the growing interest in food photography. Now anyone who wishes to photograph their Grand Seafood Tower, Beef Wellington or anything else on the menu at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas need only let their server know and they will gladly come to your table with a small, unobtrusive hand held photography light to make sure your photos look as fabulous as the dishes taste.

Right now, this is only a pilot program at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant but we’d be thrilled to see this available at the other Caesars properties on the Strip. More info is available at the official Caesars blog, The Pulse of Vegas. (photo courtesy of Scott Roeben)