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On and off the Las Vegas Strip–recipes, grocery shopping, food related things-to-do, food news and restaurant reviews from a former chef and Las Vegas native.

The biggest problem with Las Vegas is deciding where or what to eat. The possibilities are endless…

Please note that altitude and humidity can effect the outcome of some recipes, particularly baked goods. The recipes on this site have been prepared at 3,000 ft. above sea level and with an average of 5-10% relative humidity. You may need to adjust the proportions of some ingredients to achieve the same results you see here. In addition, oven temperatures can vary widely, even with newer appliances. It’s recommened that you use a reliable oven thermometer to assure success for baking.

When a particular brand name, company, or restaurant is mentioned in one of the posts on this blog you can be assured I have used that brand in my recipes or have eaten the food at the restaurant named in the post. I also shop at the markets mentioned on this blog-I wouldn’t send you there if I didn’t.

Las Vegas Food Adventures is written by a former chef now living in Las Vegas. All attempts are made to locate the original owner of any borrowed content used on this blog. If you believe you are the owner and wish to receive credit for your work or would like to have it removed from this blog simply send an email to Las Vegas Food Adventures for immediate action.  Email any questions, comments or suggestions to lvegas@gmail.com or Tweet us at LVFoodAdventure on Twitter.

  1. Hello!

    I came across your blog and think our restaurant in Henderson called Sauce would be a great addition and something you and your readers would enjoy. We are having a small tasting this Wednesday for local bloggers and I would love to invite you and your team to be our guest!

    Please let me know if you are interested in dropping by this Wednesday, December 10th to Sauce. We will be hosting RSVPs from 5:30pm-7:00pm. If not then, please let me know an additional time we can host you. From one-of-a-kind sauces to charred bones or our tasty peanut butter and jelly pizza, there is nothing like it.

    Thank-you so much for supporting Las Vegas food!

    Here is the menu:

    We will do a plate of each of the following pastas:
    Pesto Cream
    Chicken Marsala

    Stuff fried cheese
    Fresh mozzarella bake
    crab cakes


    BBQ chicken
    Quattro farmagi
    Chicken pesto

    PS your email address is offline…

    • laura
    • May 12th, 2012

    Hello! Looking for FRESH soft shell crabs to buy and prepare at home. Can you please help! Thanks much!

    • Try any of the large Asian markets in Chinatown on Spring Mountain (Greenland, Ranch 99, SF Market…or 168 Market on Jones). They have large seafood departments with the freshest seafood in town. We especially like the seafood department at 168 Market on Jones at Spring Mountain.

  2. I own the Maple Tree Cafe.. would love to have you do a review of our place. We have awesome breakfast/lunch made from scratch 🙂 Homemade fritters, cinnamon rolls and more

    The Maple Tree Cafe.
    6000 W. Spring Mtn Rd. #1b

    • Jason Bond
    • April 19th, 2011

    I had the PLEASURE of waiting on Kathy and her daughter last night at my restaurant, Sage, in Aria Hotel and Casino.
    My post is about the patron being the best part of my job.
    You hear alot about the angle from the guest’s point of veiw but so little, if anything, about how the other side side of the coin is relative.
    Kathy and her daughter, who were celebrating and having a reunion of sorts made my night so enjoyable. I could not have asked for better guest. The wanted and tood my suggestions and beamed and let me smother them in care while giving them space…just saying it is a two-way street and I loved them.

    Bond…Sage Restaurant…server

  3. Hello! many thanks for the fantastic blog. stay the best!

  4. I absolutely love your blog. The recipes, the food the pics….shall I continue? Oh, and this tidbit about the elevation is so on point. My husband and I live in Bogotá, Colombia where the elevation is 2,600 meters….what that is in US terms I have no idea. But it’s just really high and I have so many problems with baking. My cakes come out hard and flat after rising. The only thing I can trust is bread and anything with yeast. Also anything I read that gives a baking time has to be sometimes doubled. What frustration. I have already subscribed and look forward to more from you all.

    • laura
    • December 27th, 2010

    Hi! Foodie transplants to LV! Looking for fresh live lobsters for NY eve. Most places I have checked don’t have tanks so they won’t buy. Albertson’s won’t guarantee they will have for NY eve. This is our traditional NY eve meal for past 20 years so hope you can help! happy new year!

    • felicity
    • December 14th, 2010

    I am making you a proper medal for your incredible site and wonderful blog. You just made my life richer. thank you adn well done and keep it up!!

  5. I am thrilled to find a food blogger from Las Vegas.I have been living here for past 2 years and can relate to every word you say.
    You have a beautiful blog!

  6. beautıful blog

  7. Hi very nice restaurant. I really liked your blog I’m just showing the beautiful restaurants on my blog.Iam in Turkey so far away 🙂
    . the restaurant of las Vegas is amazing thank you:)

    • Katka
    • July 30th, 2010

    Hi, I’ve found your blog accidentally when looking for help for translation. But when reading tarhonya and lekvár in your blog, well, best wishes from Budapest, Hungary 🙂

    • Clare Lindberg
    • May 19th, 2010

    Am pleased to find/read your blog. Your reference to Hungarian/German comfort food (stuffed cabbage) intrigued me as my Hungarian ex-husband introduced me to wonderful foods and seasonings. Thank you.

  8. Do you mind if I add a link to your site from mine? Thanks! -Michelle

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