K-Bop Korean Tapas and Bar

K-bop interior
Las Vegas is dotted with a number of Korean restaurants, mostly serving classic dishes or all-you-can eat buffets. K-Bop is different from those places. It joins the short list of new Korean restaurants in town now serving Korean pop-culture food (Korean burritos and bulgogi dogs) , as well as home-style rice and noodle comfort dishes.

A recent early Friday evening dinner was a total hit. Everything we ordered was outstanding. A Bulgogi Dog-an Asian version of a Philly cheese steak packed with tender grilled strips of Korean beef, onions and cheese on a toasted bun, was terrific. We ate every bite of sizzling platters of “Corn Cheese” (a gooey casserole of corn and cheese) and the L.A. Kalbi (thin sliced, Korean style marinated and grilled short ribs).

The highlight of the evening was the takoyaki, a very popular late-night drinking snack in Japan. Six ping-pong ball sized fried fritters were filled with diced octopus and topped with shaved bonito flakes and a drizzle of two sauces. Complimentary dishes of crispy fried pastry strips, stewed sweet potatoes and a terrific house-made kimchi were perfect additions to our meal. We split a bottle of the house soju, the Korean equivalent of Japan’s sake that was amazingly good considering it features that Gangham Style pop singer all the rage now on it’s label.

K-Bop calls itself a tapas bar, but the portions served are generous enough to count as a main dish. Adding to the terrific food is the friendly, upbeat service and the very comfortable, nicely decorated interior. We enjoyed the Korean pop music and videos playing in the background-it was just enough kitsch without being goofy.

Located on the corner of S. Ft. Apache and Flamingo in the Home Depot plaza, K-Bop is open until 2:00AM on Friday & Saturdays making this our number one pick for a late night stop for a bite to eat on the way home from a night out.

K-Bop Tapas and Bar
4235 S. Fort Apache
Las Vegas 89147


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