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With roots in New York City that go back to 1927, Gallagher’s is an old school, no nonsense East Coast style steakhouse. You won’t find anything gimmicky on the menu, but you’ll find dry aged steaks, seafood and the side dishes that have been served in classic New York steakhouses for decades.

This comes with a price, of course, but there are times you get what you pay for. In our case it was a $43 dry aged bone-in New York strip steak that was everything a steak should be-beefy, juicy and cooked exactly as ordered. Stellar icy cold oysters, classic Caesar salad and side dishes large enough for two that included a bacon studded five cheese mac & cheese and enormous onion rings were all that were needed to round out an outstanding special occasion steak dinner that hard-core carnivores dream about.

Only one thing didn’t seem right with a recent dinner here. Enormous, serrated steak knives the size of mini-machetes that were not only dull, but out of place for our small table for two. The butter knives on our table were actually sharper. This may not be an issue with a boneless filet, but with our thick, bone-in strip steaks, the steak knives were too cumbersome to be very useful without inflicting damage on the diners seated at the table next to ours.

Service during our meal was spot-on. Our server was personable and efficient which set the tone for a very enjoyable evening. All menu items are ala carte. Dinner for two with appetizers, salads, side dishes and a bottle of wine came to $250 with the tip. Reservations are recommended, but we had no problem getting a table for early dining on a Friday evening without one. Gallagher’s is located on the casino level of the New York New York resort on the Strip.

Gallagher’s Steakhouse
New York New York Hotel & Casino
3790 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 740-6450

    • Curt Houchins
    • January 21st, 2017

    I ate there for the first time yesterday evening. The 16oz. Cowboy Ribeye steak the menu lists was closer to 24oz, not even considering the bone in. The waiter alluded to this in a humorous comment to the size of the steak cuts. So this steak was perfectly charred, I believe over mesquite, and upon my first taste, I never touched anything but a knife and fork. No seasoning or sauces that they offered were needed. The waiter, I cannot recall his name, was amazing despite a massive flood of SHOT show crowd in the dining room. We were served within 15 minutes, after enjoying a appetizer of lamb “lollipop” chops. They were ehhh….all right, nothing spectacular. 6 out of 10. One of my friends got their signature New York Strip Aged steak, and his report, as well as his performance on breaking that steak down to nothing lead me to believe that it was a 9 or 10.
    But, as amazing as the steak and service was, the bacon infused macaroni and cheese is UNBELIEVABLE. It looked like normal everyday steakhouse M&C, breadcrumbs and all. Now all of the sides are dealt out in personal skillets that easily allow you to share them with your friends. There was no evidence of any bacon in the macaroni, as one would expect to see, you know those thick crispy diced bits one would see in Bacon Macaroni and Cheese. Nothing. At all. Other than cheese, shells, and bread crumbs. This wizardry of a dish had a stronger taste of bacon than some bacon that I have cooked myself. Yet there was absolutely no texture or scrap of bacon to be found. If there was anything bad to be said about the meal, it was that the last three tablespoons of M&C that I cleaned from the skillet,when everyone was miserably stuffed, I stepped up to make sure that no food jewel such as this should hit the dishwasher, did not have the same level of bacon in essence in those last bites. Simply an non uniform mixing caused that, but even that was delicious.
    This restaurant is a great place. It is not a quiet place as it has a lot of open air to the casino and the “cool”, period specific interior, often found in great steak houses, is open and noisy.
    To summarize it, the tastes of steaks make it totally worth every penny you spend on them. Even more so, the steak size of the Cowboy Ribeye is to me a deal in a city of great food such as Las Vegas at $48. This alone, for a frugal spend thift, was a great surprise. The Cowboys Ribeye, Mac and Cheese of theirs is a truly awesome thing to experience. Try it, if you think I misled you, I will meet you there for a rebuttal, your dime or yours.(please plan on doing this during the next SHOT show)

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