Miso Fried Eggs

Miso Fried Egg
Something really good happens when butter is mixed with miso. It’s a classic combo for sautéing fish and seafood dishes, especially scallops. So why not eggs?

The flavor of miso, light miso in this recipe, is very close to good soy sauce. No big surprise considering soy sauce is basically liquid miso (more or less) with a touch of caramel. Both are just different stages of fermented soy beans. The subtle, savory flavor of miso does something very interesting to a fried egg.

A miso fried egg is terrific on top of fried rice or a bowl of ramen noodles, but I happen to love these for breakfast served just as I do with plain eggs, over easy with a side of buttered toast. The miso adds something so tasty to a fried egg, you won’t even miss the bacon or sausage.

Miso paste comes in a variety of styles, with light miso being the mildest version. These days, miso can be found in most major supermarkets in the refrigerated specialty food section. It keeps for a very long time tightly covered and refrigerated.

Miso Fried Eggs
2 eggs
4 teaspoons butter
2 teaspoons light (sometimes called white) miso paste

Melt the butter over medium heat in a non-stick pan. Add the miso paste and loosen it up with a spoon or fork, mixing it in with the butter.

When the butter begins to sizzle, gently break each egg into the pan on top of the butter-miso mixture. Gently cook the eggs over medium heat, giving the egg whites time to set before flipping over to cook the other side. Fry until desired doneness. Do not increase the heat while cooking to avoid scorching the miso. The eggs should almost “poach” in the miso butter.

Serve right away on top of fried rice, ramen noodles or with buttered toast.

Miso Fried Egg

  1. I tried this and it’s delicious! Though I melt the butter separately first and dissolve the miso paste into it then put it on the pan afterwards.

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong but it comes out clumpy the other way.

  2. great idea..

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