808 Tapas

Black Cod  Miso

Village Square on the corner of Ft. Apache and W. Sahara is quietly hiding a few culinary gems. We’re already big fans of the innovative spins on gourmet burgers at Bachi Burger. That corner of town has become even more interesting with another stellar casual dining option a few doors away from Bachi. We’re talking about 808 Tapas, a “small plates” restaurant with a Japanese/Hawaiian twist on the Spanish concept of small, beautifully prepared dishes meant to be shared.

None of the plates we ordered were a disappointment, but one dish was so outrageously good, you’ll want to order a plate just for yourself. The luscious, buttery grilled black cod, pictured above, a dish made famous by Chef Matsuhiso Nobu of the famed Nobu Restaurant, is unbelievably good. Thick pieces of black cod are marinated in miso and sweet Japanese wine for two days before grilling. The result is a mild, melt-in-your mouth, silky fish that is simply amazing. Let’s not tell then we’d be happy to pay twice the price of $9.00.

Other dishes we’d order again were the Wagyu beef sliders with Wasabi mayo ($7.50), and two pork belly dishes-one stir fried with asparagus ($5.00), the other seasoned and grilled on skewers ($4.50). Korean style beef ribs (kalbi-$8.00) were a little on the chewy side, but were seasoned and grilled to perfection. Because we dined during happy hour and sushi rolls were half-price, we also ordered a Banzai Pipeline Roll ($12). It was good, but nothing special. Ordered during happy hour, it’s well worth the $6 price.

With an extensive, very creative menu, and most dishes under $10, two people can dine very well for around $50, even with a few bottles of the house sake.

808 Tapas
9350 W. Sahara Ave
Ste 150
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 485-3433


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