Valentine’s Day Wine Picks 2013

Fresh and Easy wine

With Valentine’s Day inconveniently falling on a weekday this year, take-out might be on the menu for busy lovers. With so many outstanding choices for take-out in Las Vegas, there is no shame whatsoever with that. With the right bottle of wine, a phone call to a restaurant, and the right partner, a weeknight Valentine’s Day can be as special as an overpriced dinner for two at celebrity-chef joint on the Strip.

To make your weeknight tribute to Cupid extra special, here’s our list of recommended wines and the to-go grub we’ve chosen to pair with it. These outstanding wines from Fresh & Easy are our suggested bottles to make this year’s Valentine’s Day one to remember…..and the prices can’t be beat. If a wine department in a grocery store could be a Valentine, the wine aisle at Fresh & Easy would be ours.

Masse Pere et Fil Champagne ($19.99) Perfectly dry citrusy champagne with enthusiastic bubbles scented with flowery, bready aromas. Would be perfect with any seafood or poultry dish, but we’d suggest it for sushi or Thai food from Stick-e-Rice.

Hacienda Lopez de Haro Rioja 2008 ($6.99) Grab this saucy Spanish wine to go with a Grimaldi’s or Sammy’s Woodfired pizza, or perhaps a Five Guys cheeseburger. The tart, dry berry notes play nicely with cheesy, beefy dishes. This is also very nice with chocolate and strawberries.

El Cotes du Paso Robles 2010 ($8.99)…Full bodied with a balanced hit of oak is very interesting with grilled foods, especially nice with the smoked pork loin or salmon from Las Vegas Grill.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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