Casa di Amore

casa di amore
Maybe it’s because Casa Di Amore courts tourists staying on the Strip with free limo transport back & forth to their hotel and they need to recoup the cost of the limo…or perhaps it’s because they are active in the Groupon/Living Social/ coupon circuit and they need to stop the bleeding from that action, but we think adding an automatic 18% gratuity to a bill is sneaky business unless it’s a large party (and there were only two of us).

It’s a shame, too, because in spite of the fact that Casa Di Amore isn’t exactly in the best part of town, and we had to wait in our car while police chased two youths across their parking lot, we intended to write a completely favorable review. We actually love this place. The classic Italian-American comfort food (steaks, veal, pasta and things covered in marinara sauce), as well as the old-school Vegas rat pack ambiance are the real deal. And, while a bit pricey, you’ll not find any better East Coast, Soprano-style food in Las Vegas.

The Hot Antipasto Sampler ($19) with it’s enormous breaded fried shrimp, best fried calamari in town, fried ravioli and mozzarella sticks, was fabulous. It’s good enough to be a meal all by itself. Lovers of marinara sauce will enjoy any of the pasta dishes that are served with it. Chicken Parmesan ($24) can be a dreadful piece of dried chicken breast, but not here. Large, perfectly cooked chicken cutlets are smothered in cheese and broiled until bubbly. Heavenly little pillows of potato gnocchi with a cheese sauce studded with prosciutto and spinach ($21) were a big hit and worth every single calorie. A surprisingly good Umani Ronchi’s Montepulcian ($8/glass) was perfect with the entire meal.

Don’t be put off by that shifty 18% automatic gratuity thing, just double-check your bill closely, be aware that it exists, and decide to tip more (or not) accordingly.

Casa di Amore
2850 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 433-4967

Hours: Mon-Wed-Sun 5 pm – 5 am (closed Tuesdays)

  1. Automatic 18% gratuity on a deuce? Thanks for the heads up. Food sounds good. Nice post.

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