Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill

Las Vegas has no shortage of pizza places, sadly, most of them aren’t worth discussing. Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill, however, is worth talking about out-loud. It was our first favorite pie when we moved here over a decade ago. Years later, it still has a place in our top ten.

Yes, the pizza is very good, as would be expected from any place that goes through the trouble of a wood-burning pizza oven. Sammy’s delivers the holy trinity of hand-stretched crust (either thick or thin), tomato sauce that contains no corn syrup, and quality toppings. And while pizza is the star of the show at Sammy’s, an expanded menu of tapas, salads, pasta and few specialty items is not to be missed.

We recently accepted an invitation from the West Flamingo at Ft. Apache location to sample menu items new to us on the Sammy’s roster, and fell in love with the mini duck tacos. Five crisp taco shells filled with duck confit, shredded napa cabbage, feta cheese, and an addicting crema were terrific. Almost too good to be true was an entrée of creamy cheese grits topped with sauteed swiss chard, cubes of smoky chorizo and perfectly cooked shrimp. And just because it’s Sammy’s we couldn’t resist a Hawaiian pizza topped with fresh pineapple and seasoned with rosemary, a good move on our part.

Sammy’s has five locations around the valley, an interesting wine & beer list, and a menu with something for everyone (including vegan and gluten-free), all served in a comfortable, casual atmosphere. Happy hour from 4-6 daily will get you half off all tapas and $2 off all beer and wine by the glass.

  1. We’ve been going to Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza for years. It’s a coincidence that we usually order the duck tacos. But, during the graveyard hours when all the tapas are at a discounted price. Great value, great duck tacos! Have you been to Metro Pizza?

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