The Farm

There are a less than a handful of Las Vegas locals who keep enough hens to regularly sell fresh eggs to the public. One farmer, Sharon Linsenbardt has been selling her eggs, honey and produce from her little gem of a farm located in the far North edge of the valley since 1961. On weekends, Farmer Sharon sells eggs from her flocks of chickens, ducks, and quail from her tidy five acre corner located on W. Grand Teton at Tenaya (near Gilcrease Orchards). She also offers honey from her own gentle bees, homemade jams and pickles, baked goods and farm fresh produce. Her tomatoes are heavenly.

If you’ve never eaten a truly fresh egg from a local flock of chickens, you are missing something wonderful. Unlike stressed commercial battery hens fed with hormones and antibiotics, Farmer Sharon’s happy hens lay eggs with rich, bright yellow yolks that stand up tall when broken into a frying pan with a pat of sizzling butter. The firm whites of her eggs bear no resemblance to the tasteless, runny whites of supermarket eggs…and they whip up with more volume when used for baking and meringues.

Mrs. Linsenbardt is in the process of working through a mountain of red tape in an attempt to expand The Farm to include educational and recreational activities for our community. We wish her much luck with the Board of County Commissioners in obtaining the required use permits and variances to allow her to do so. We urge the Board to take her 50 years of commitment to the community into consideration, and look for ways to facilitate her plans without the monetary hardship she faces in order to comply for her expansion.

The Farm
7222 W Grand Teton Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89131
Neighborhood: Centennial
(702) 982-8000

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