Bachi Burger

The burgers on the menu at Bachi Burger are best described as “fusion” burgers with an emphasis on Asian flavors.
It was the “Shogun” burger that folks have been raving about that brought us there. A thick, perfectly cooked Wagyu beef burger topped with foie gras, unagi (barbecued Japanese style eel), poached Asian pears and miso butter was out-of-this- world and well worth the $25 price tag.
An all-American style Angus burger ($10.50) was also a thing of beauty. Both burgers came out cooked exactly as ordered (medium rare) and served on toasted buns that were sturdy where they should be and soft where you want them to be.

Not to be missed are the pillowy steamed Chinese-style buns filled with luscious pork belly slices, well worth the trip on their own as are the Salt & Pepper Garlic Fries served with a terrific garlicky chili pepper aoli for dipping.

It’s a good thing the burgers at the Windmill location of Bachi Burger were memorable. They briefly distracted us from the seriously malfunctioning air conditioning and the enthusiastic houseflies around our table. A little attention to housekeeping also seemed to be in order. The wall touching our table was noticeably grimy and a window we faced was in dire need of some window cleaner. As much as we enjoyed our meal, we were put off by the sticky table top and the wait staff crouched down behind the cash register eating their lunch. We won’t be returning to that location. Luckily, there’s a newer Bachi Burger on W. Sahara that we will head to next time for more of those heavenly pork belly buns.

470 E Windmill Lane
LasVegas, NV 8912
(702) 242-2244

9410 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas
(702) 255-3055

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