Grand Wok

With all of the renovations going on at the MGM Grand, there’s not much of a reason for locals to venture there these days except, perhaps for a show or dinner. It’s the dining that normally draws us there, especially when the stellar NobHill is the destination. But on a more casual level, Grand Wok is also a good bet, as we recently discovered.

While our luck at video poker failed us (as it usually does at MGM), the various items we ordered from the sushi bar at Grand Wok were all winners, including an interesting bottle of blueberry infused sake that was surprisingly better than it sounds.

We loved the extra-thick, tender pieces of squid appetizer of salt & pepper calamari. The crispy-peppery-garlicky topping was, oddly, a great pairing with the blueberry sake.

We were also pleased with our sushi choices. Seared tuna with garlic sauce, an outstanding version of spicy tuna roll, and a plump dragon roll were all better than average.

In addition to a respectable sushi list, the menu also includes a variety of Asian entrees, Chinese BBQ and an interesting sake list. Our assortment of appetizers, sushi and a bottle of sake were under $70.00 including tip.

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