Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods Celebrates 100th Episode in Las Vegas

Not So Bizarre

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew Zimmern on location for the filming of the 100th episode of his popular show, Bizarre Foods. You would think a man whose diet includes insects, entrails and all manner of peculiar food would come off a bit quirky. Yes, he eats that stuff sometimes, but he’s not quirky at all. This James Beard Foundation winner is engaging, gracious and one of the nicest people we’ve come across on the food scene in a long while.

When we asked Andrew what he hoped we would take away from his TV series that explores the underbelly of the world’s cuisines, he explained that food is a common denominator for the divergent global community. By understanding how different cultures obtain, prepare and consume their food he hopes we will gain an enlightened non-political acceptance for cultures unfamiliar to many of us. He also explained that a large part of his show’s demographics includes children. He’s hoping their interest in his travels will help teach tolerance and respect for unfamiliar food and the people who eat it.

He seems genuinely surprised about the success of his show, but not all is serious with this teddy bear of a man we’d love to have for a next-door neighbor. He spoke with amusement and a bit of surprise about the results from a poll of adult film entertainers. Along with Anthony Bourdain and Brit chef Heston Blumenthal he was chosen as one of the top three people they would most like to appear with in a one of their films. We aren’t surprised; the combination of good food and charming company are a globally stimulating recipe.

Andrew Zimmern’s current series “Bizarre Foods America” airs Monday nights on the Travel Channel. The episode starring the Las Vegas food scene is slated to air in July. If you are already a fan of his we highly recommend following him on Twitter. His frequent posts and photos are a real-time extension of his home life and travels.

  1. Congrats what a great photo!

    • Aw, thanks Claudia! He has to be the nicest food celebrity out there.

    • Terri
    • February 20th, 2012

    Wow!!! What an honor!! Can’t wait to see the show air on TV! 🙂

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