Planning a Vegas wedding and don’t have the time, a wedding planner or an inner Martha Stewart to tend to the details? Albertsons could very well be your next best friend.

Albertsons invited us to meet with them to discuss their move into full-service wedding and party planning, and we were quite impressed. Their competition-level cake designers are now creating outstanding European-style entrement cakes (multiple sponge cake layers with mousse, flavored pastry cream or fruit paste), as well as fondant work, that rival those coming from some of the local specialty bakeries in Vegas. They can create classic or contemporary dream cakes from one of their designs or from your own custom idea. Their certified floral designers will work with the bakery team to coordinate all of your flower needs to match any theme or color. They can also handle your wine & catering essentials at the same time and offer delivery and professional cake set-up, all being very competively priced.

Whether your event is a wedding, a holiday office party, a quinceañera or a birthday party, Albertsons can be a time and lifesaver. For a free wedding or party consultation, contact or (702)838-4322 or (702)336-9309.

  1. January 3rd, 2015

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