Buzz BBQ

Reviewing a BBQ restaurant can be tricky. With so many regional variations on the theme, everyone has their own personal favorite. We know what we like and were pleased with a recent meal at the Buzz BBQ on Tropicana (there’s a second location on Craig Rd.).

To get a good sampling of what the men in the back were cooking up, we ordered a four meat platter. The tender slices of beef brisket were exactly what we were hoping for. The meat-to-fat ratio was perfect to keep the meat juicy during the lengthy smoking process. It was a winner and worth a return trip for the brisket alone.

Ribs were also on the top of our wish list, and when we order ribs in a restaurant, we expect meaty and tender bones. Our ribs were perfectly fall-off-the bone tender but still moist. The exterior edges revealed a lovely dark mahogany crust that we loved. We also like the fact that the ribs are served un-sauced. Bottles of good BBQ sauce are on the tables to sauce your meat as you wish.

Pulled pork is often tender enough but can be bland. Not so here. The generous mound of moist tender shreds was nicely seasoned throughout. We also enjoyed the hot links, smoky sausage that was very juicy with just the right amount of spice.

There’s more to a good BBQ place than the meat. The sides also have to hold their own
We highly recommend the terrific mac & cheese, crunchy breaded fried okra and notable fries. We spotted a sweet potato fries that will justify our return trip to sample.

The spotless, comfortable ten-month old restaurant is located on W. Tropicana just west of Ft. Apache in a new plaza. They feature a full bar as well as live entertainment on weekends and NFL Sundays. Service was efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.

Buzz BBQ
9640 W. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV

Website and menu

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