Roasted New Mexico Green Chilis

If you live in Las Vegas, mark your calendar, especially if you are a fan of those celebrated roasted green chilis from Hatch, New Mexico.

On Saturday, August 13th starting at 6:00AM, the Albertsons at 1650 N. Buffalo Drive will be doing their annual Hatch Chili Roasting. Shoppers can buy a 30 pound bag of fresh Hatch chilis for $34.99 and have them roasted on the spot free of charge.

The peeled, roasted green chilis are a staple in our kitchen. We pack them in quart freezer bags and stow them in our freezer for use all winter for our green chili cheeseburger cravings. We couldn’t do without pork and green chili sauce for our enchiladas and scrambled eggs. And then there’s green chili salsa and chiles rellenos….the list goes on!

When these not-too-spicy green chilis are roasted, the bitter peels blister and are easily slipped off the flesh. The seeds and stems are discarded and what’s left are luscious filets of savory, almost sweet, peppery goodness that have made the folks in Hatch, New Mexico world famous

As if having your chilis roasted for you in a traditional New Mexico chili roaster isn’t entertaining enough, from 7:00AM to 4:00PM, there will also be food and wine samples, free samples of favorite Hatch chili recipes, recipe cards, music, and multiple vendor booths.

For additional information, phone the Albertsons store at (702) 562-6079.

Fresh New Mexican Green Chilis

  1. Big thumbs up – thanks!

  2. Loved this post!! Mexicans are really a great fan of spicy food, just like Indians!! Lovely pictures…

      • BAG
      • August 16th, 2011

      New Mexicans are different from Mexicans, but we do love our spicy foods.

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