Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

It’s harder than one might think to find a good dentist in Las Vegas. Oddly, it’s even harder to find a good pizza here. For a town that has a large east coast population, a good pizza should be easy to find out here. For some reason, it isn’t.

During a recent trip to the dentist to repair a tooth damaged for the fourth time in five years with a hard bit of pizza crust, my dentist shared, in detail, the nuances of several of his top pizza picks. Turns out he’s one of the foremost pizza experts in town.

This brings us to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Boca Park in Summerlin, Dr. Nguyen’s top pick. Grimaldi’s boasts about their crust. They believe that one of the ingredients in their classic, thin crust pizza is the New York City water. They’ve even hired a chemist to duplicate the mineral content of NYC water for the water they use in their crust. It doesn’t stop there. The pizza is cooked in a coal fired oven. But not with any kind of ordinary coal. It’s “special” coal. From Pennsylvania. Anthracite, for you geology geeks (apparently that’s the good stuff according to the menu).

We’re not sure if it’s the special water or the Pennsylvania coal (that must be a logistical nightmare to get here to Las Vegas) but we will have to agree with Dr. Nguyen. This might be the best pizza we’ve had to date in Las Vegas (and we’ve had more than we care to admit).

We ordered a large 16-inch pizza with pepperoni and sausage ($20). Even before we tucked into the pie, we could tell it was going to be a winner. The crust was perfect-thin and chewy but yet substantial enough to stand up to the outstanding sauce. No dreaded corn syrup was detected in the sauce, just real, honest tomatoes. The handmade mozzarella was first-rate as were the pepperoni and sausage. We could find no fault with our pizza-or the service. Both were exceptional.

The only fault we can find with Grimaldi’s is the brief menu. With only pizza, calzones and five salads, we’d love to see a couple of appetizers included that utilized that fine coal burning oven (roasted artichokes, anyone?). But when the star is pizza, and ours truly was a shining star, we soon forgot about that.

Special water and coal aside, we enjoyed some serious pizza at Grimadi’s. Until we find better pizza (and that’s unlikely, given the number of years it took to find this one) Grimaldi’s will be our go-to pizza. Pizza can be ordered dine-in or take-out but we highly suggest one of their outdoor tables for the view and people watching before the weather gets too hot. They feature a full bar and a decent wine list. We recommend the house red, a Canaletto Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a perfect casual red that went great with our pizza, and at $15 for a full carafe, a bargain.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Boca Park Fashion Village
750 South Rampart
Las Vegas, NV 89145-5810
(702) 479-1351

11:00AM to 11:00PM daily

Menu and website

  1. Grimaldi’s is yummy, but what do you think of North End Pizza? =)

    • Haven’t had a North End Pizza, yet, but looks like we will be trying it very soon if you are comparing it to Grimaldi’s….that’s high praise and there’s always room for more good pizza. Stay tuned, we’ll review it when we do…and thanks for the tip!

    • Terri
    • April 25th, 2012

    I truly enjoyed our Grimaldi’s Pizza on a recent visit…
    Wish they had a location in Akron, OH…

  2. The pizza at Grimaldi’s is very good. I haven’t tried the Boca park location but I’ve eaten at the one on Eastern. They seem to have locations popping up all over the place. @lvegas I don’t know if I’d say this is classic New York style pizza but it’s good. I’m also a fan of the new joint at the Cosmo which IMO is closer to NY style pizza.

    • Tommy
    • May 29th, 2011

    Grimaldi’s has a great pizza pie i must admit. I am from NY and very particular on my pizza. The best pizza i have tried in Las Vegas is Cugino’s on Maryland pkwy…true NY style.I was throwing a party at my house in Summerlin and was looking for catering in Las Vegas and came across the website, owned by Celebrity Chef Michael Parise of Los Angeles. Parise catering came to our house and catered a small intimate affair of about 40 people and WOWd’ us with his Italian food. Best caterers in Vegas as far as i am concerned.Chef Parise was at our house and expidited the food flawlessly. BRAVO!

  3. Great recommendation, Vegas does seem to lack great pizzarias. I will have to check out Grimaldi’s next time I am in Vegas.

    • MIke
    • May 24th, 2011

    Very good pizza but theres nothing special about mexicans making pizza and comming from where Grimaldis started its an insult. Ive eaten at alot of grimaldis all over and the first one in vegas had alot of problems but then again thats what u get when u dont hire a real italian pizza maker.

      • Eatr
      • May 24th, 2011

      Didn’t get the job huh? 🙂

        • mike
        • May 27th, 2011

        Ahh NO. Dont live in Vegas I travel the country as a consultant for Pizzeria’s.

    • I don’t care if Martians make my pizza. This pizza meets my very high standards of great pizza. Pizza as we know it in America isn’t exactly Italian, anyhow. This is “New York” style pizza at it’s best. The end! 🙂

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