New California Wines for Spring

The wine experts at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets have given us yet another reason to love them, a new selection of twenty-seven California wines, just in time for spring and summer, all under $20.

We were thrilled to come across these new California selections. We love the Cabernet from I♥CA. It’s a soft, lightly oaked red that we’d be more than happy to pay $10 a bottle for. But since it’s only $3.99 a bottle we pick up a couple extra bottles to go with our pizza.

For something a little more elegant, we love the exceptionally fruity WineWrights Pinot Noir ($10.99) or the spicy Pacific Coast Highway Cabernet ($8.99). We’ve paid double for good bottles of each of these varieties from other wineries and now we wonder why. Both wines can stand up to any pricier bottle we’ve tasted in recent memory.

We’re most excited about the Pinot Gris from Open Field ($9.99). It gets hot here in Las Vegas during the summer and this fragrant, fruity bottle will be our go-to white this season when the temperatures climb. It’s fragrant, citrus notes are perfect with grilled chicken and seafood. It also pairs exceptionally well with Asian flavors, especially Thai dishes.

If you live in Las Vegas, California or Arizona where Fresh & Easy is located, you’re in luck. If you don’t, take a cab to the nearest Fresh & Easy the next time you visit Las Vegas and grab a few bottles of these great California wines to take back home with you. Seriously!

  1. Stopped me in my tracks… love the reds and what a lovely picture!

    • Terri
    • March 17th, 2011

    I love Fresh & Easy!!!

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