Scrambled Eggs with Salmon

Ever wonder what to do with that little bit of salmon filet you brought home in a doggie bag last night or the smoked salmon or lox from a party? This dish, with less than a handful of ingredients, is an elegant way to turn that tasty bit of leftovers into one of my favorite breakfast dishes. It’s also perfect for lunch or dinner served with a green salad.

Leftover cooked salmon filet works very well as does a bit of smoked salmon or lox for this recipe. The dish takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish which makes it a handy choice for entertaining. To keep the scrambled eggs soft & fluffy make sure to cook over medium (not high) heat, as scrambled eggs tend to dry out and toughen when cooked over high heat. Another tip, let the butter brown slightly before adding the other ingredients, the nutty flavor of the browned butter really adds a special touch to the dish. I do this for any kind of egg cookery.

For one serving:

2 eggs
2-3 oz salmon (flaked cooked salmon, smoked salmon or lox)
1 tsp milk
1 tsp butter
Salt & pepper to taste

Beat the eggs with a fork with the milk. Heat the butter in a small non-stick skillet over medium high heat until it just begins to turn golden brown and smells nutty. Turn the heat down to medium and add the salmon. Cook until just heated through and pour the eggs over the salmon. Let the eggs begin to set before gently flipping the eggs and salmon over with a spatula and cook just until the eggs are set.

Turn out on to a plate and serve right away.

  1. That sounds fantastic! Your seafood recipes are some of my favorites. If I ever have the good fortune to have some leftover crab meat, this is what I’m doing with it.

  2. now I have done similar with leftover crab meat, salmon sounds wonderful – like your tip on browning the butter

  1. November 27th, 2010
  2. November 27th, 2010

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