With all the dietary land mines on the Las Vegas Strip you may eventually find yourself craving something your cardiologist might approve of. That can be a tough to find unless you stop at IcePan.

IcePan, located inside Harrah’s, is a revolutionary way to make ice cream. You select the flavor and the base is mixed to order. Your custom made base is then frozen on an Asian inspired, super-cold, flat pan right in front of you.

Flavors range from the usual vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and range all the way to more exotic red bean, mochi and green tea with new flavors added as the seasons change. You then chose between whole milk, reduced fat, fat free or soy milk as the base.

The blended mixture is poured over the “ice pan” then flipped, chopped and bashed for a couple of minutes until your dish of super creamy ice cream with no additives is scooped into a serving dish.

How do they manage such a creamy result, you may ask? An all-natural seaweed derivative with loads of nutritional benefits is also an emulsifier, giving the ice cream a rich, creamy mouth feel. It also means a ½ cup serving can have 25% to over 30% of the USDA requirement for dietary fiber.

I’m not sure I need to get 30% of my daily requirement for fiber in a ½ cup serving of ice cream but the ice cream is delicious and the process is really fun to watch. The show is as entertaining as anything else you’ll find in a casino and at $5.95 won’t break your gambling budget.

IcePan, open from 11:00AM to 1:00AM, is located on the second level of Harrah’s

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