Batter Fried Bacon

Sometimes you run across something on the interwebs that looks absolutely amazing. This is something I didn’t make but wish I was brave enough to try. Someone has managed to perfectly batter dip and deep fry bacon AND make the coating look perfectly not greasy. I could almost eat this without taking an antacid first. If this is your masterpiece, please email me so I can cyber-shake your hand!

  1. do it all the time..dip in milk, then dust with flour..fry slow and low in a shallow skillet with enough oil to cover bottom of pan. dont want it to float…will curl up. good luck

  2. this is interesting..never thought breading bacons…maybe I’ll give it a try one day just for the experience 🙂

  3. hey, just saw this on Foodblogs…………I had a friend in Pensacola that woul dip his bacon in flour before frying…it was wonderful……

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