Las Vegas Food Shopping: Greenland Supermarket


Greenland Supermarket 

Las Vegas has a fantastic assortment of specialty grocery shopping options for nationalities from all over the globe. On October 15, Greenland Supermarket, a 30,000 square foot full service supermarket catering to the Korean, Japanese and the rest of the estimated 250,000 Asian American community in Vegas. 

Located 10 minutes west of the strip on the corner of Spring Mountain and Rainbow Blvd in the Korean Town Plaza, Greenland Supermarket marks the western edge of the Vegas community’s Asian cultural and business district. The grand opening was months in coming and was well worth the wait. 

The inside entrance is stunning. A beautifully decorated high vaulted ceiling in the foyer opens to a modern, organized, well staffed and fully stocked supermarket. The produce department features a wide selection of exceptional fruits and vegetables. Even a bunch of lowly green onions were the nicest I’ve seen anywhere for a very long time.  On display in the seafood department was an impressive variety of whole fish and shellfish, all impeccably fresh (in some cases still moving). In the meat department were hard to find cuts of beef and pork (beautiful fresh pork belly and paper thin sliced beef for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu).  A nearby counter sells various house made kimchees and prepared foods. Numerous aisles of frozen foods and grocery staples offer just about any ingredient needed to produce a   Korean home cooked meal or banquet.


Checking out was a pleasure, numerous check-out lanes generously staffed with courteous, friendly folks made for a pleasant end to our shopping trip. 

Some peripheral services were still in the final stages of construction including what appears to be a state of the art dining hall that will likely serve some very fine Korean food. Greenland was well worth the long wait-now if they’d just hurry up with that food court! This is another great reason that makes Las Vegas a very cool place to be. 

Photos by Jason Bean/Las Vegas Review-Journal

    • Carmen
    • January 1st, 2011

    it doesnt have to do with food. But i am just curious if you guys have the product called CURE Natural Aqua Gel in the beauty section. I found one of my favorite hair product there in the beauty section which can only be bought in international areas and thought maybe you would have it as well, that can only be bought in international ares. Thank You~

    • Susan
    • November 30th, 2009

    when is the food court supposed to open open? What kind of food will we be able to find?

      • lvegas
      • April 24th, 2010

      I’m happy to report that food court is open. Several vendors are open for business offering authentic home style Korean food with more due to open soon. We recently had a quick lunch from one of the vendors and the food was fantastic. Our delicious dumplings (both steamed and fried)were freshly made and as we were eating them we couldn’t help noticing some of the other food at nearby tables-the aroma of impressive bowls of noodles made us wish we had time to order more food. There is also an Asian style bakery vendor now located near the entrance that is not to be missed…seriously!

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