Recipe: Homemade Butter


Homemade Butter

Butter can be sweet or “cultured” meaning a starter is added to the cream for a number of hours for a short fermentation before beginning the process resulting in a tangier end result. This recipe is a sweet butter recipe and skips the culturing process. The flavor will be very fine and mild, unlike any store bought butter.

Makes approximately a half pound butter and about 2 cups fresh buttermilk.

1 quart cold pasteurized heavy cream (not ultra-pasteurized or anything with stabilizers or additives)

Put the cream in a large, deep mixing bowl of an electric mixer or use a hand held mixer. Put the mixer whisk or beaters in the bowl and then cover the bowl with plastic wrap to keep the buttermilk from splashing (very important-as the butter forms the buttermilk will splash everywhere)

Beat the cream at medium speed until you can see solid pieces of butter and has the appearance of scrambled eggs.

Set a sieve over a bowl and pour the contents of the bowl into it. Gently knead the butter to release all of its liquid (about 3 minutes). Reserve the buttermilk for baking or cooking. Work salt into the butter if desired.

Wrap the butter well in plastic or store in a bowl, covered with water in the refirgerator. Can also be frozen if wrapped well so it doesn’t absorb odors.

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