Las Vegas Hamburgers: Kilroy’s

kilroy's sign

Kilroy’s may not be THE best burger in Vegas (even though voted “Best in Las Vegas” in 2006) or the world (as their signs say), but it certainly is in the top 10. That’s saying quite a bit in a town that has a lot of establishments that sell great burgers. The first time we ate at Kilroy’s quite a few years ago we ate at the location on Buffalo (there’s another location on Grand Canyon Drive). It was dark and smoky and the walls were covered with hundreds of cool mismatched autographed photos of celebrities. We were delighted by those first burgers-big, juicy, grilled exactly as we ordered. The sides were equally outstanding-insanely good batter dipped fries, first rate onion rings…sigh.   A few years later it was remodeled, brightened up even. The old photos and booths were removed and replaced with trendy café tables. New video poker machines were installed at the bar and well, it lost most of the ambience. Thankfully, the burger and fries and onion rings are still just as good as that first burger, we just don’t hang around as long now that it feels like every other poker bar in town. 

There were rumors a couple of years ago when the smoking ban in restaurants here in Nevada went into effect that Kilroy’s was closing down their food operations to continue as just a video poker bar. Fortunately they didn’t. The burgers with many toppings available (try the ‘Baja’ with roasted green chile, jack cheese & black olives) and those great sides are still available. With so many dining options available to locals in Las Vegas, Kilroy’s is still in our regular dining rotation 

 (UPDATE 10/31/09  Sad to confirm that the Kilroy’s location on Buffalo (near W. Charleston) is indeed now closed.

    • Jason
    • October 23rd, 2009

    …so do we…and we live a few blocks from the FORMER location of Kilroy’s at Buffalo and Charleston.

    It’s dead, Jim.

  1. I’ve always heard they are the best, but everyone has their favorite. My taste for burgers has amazingly (cough! cough!) changed over my 56 years. Now, I’m all about health as I keep my fingers crossed that it isn’t too late, LOL!

    Great update though!

    • Terri
    • September 24th, 2009

    I wish they had a kilroys here…

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