Battista’s Hole In the Wall

Battistas neon

Frank Sinatra ate here. And Dean Martin and all the other paisan did too. Back in the day this must have been home away from home for all the east coast Italians looking for a pile of linguine. Tucked away in a sort of little parking lot across from the Flamingo Battista’s Hole In the Wall has all the charm of an old Italian neighborhood red and white checked tablecloth Italian joint. Very little real estate has been around as long as this place or the old guy that has been playing the accordion there every night for probably 40 years. 

You don’t go to Battista’s for the world class food and wine, you go for the atmosphere. It’s not bad food mind you. It’s the kind of Italian fare you remember from when you were a kid-lasagna, ravioli, eggplant parmesan, linguine with clams, garlic bread-you get the idea. And at less than $25 for complete meals that include a house wine who cares. Gordie the accordion player is a Vegas institution that will take your mind off those uppity celebrity chef joints. He’ll make you smile even if you hate accordion music. We like this place because it’s a great little unpretentious place to just kick back and enjoy the Las Vegas strip without dropping big bucks for dinner. The place is a gem.

Battista’s Hole in the Wall
4041 Audrie St. (behind the Flamingo Hilton)


    • Terri
    • September 21st, 2009

    That old guy reminds me of Mr. Nate on Karaoke Night at On Tap in Montrose…

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