British Grocers

British Grocers

British Grocers

PG Tips Tea, Walker’s Crisps, Galaxy Minstrels, Hob Nobs, Ribina and Marmite are just a few reasons to stop by the British Grocery at 3375 S. Decatur. Located in an interesting little strip plaza that is also home to a Mexican meat market, a great little authentic Mexican café and a boutique that specializes in fashion & accessories for local showgirls, strippers and transvestites British Grocers is ground zero for local British ex-pats looking for the necessities from back home.  The tiny shop and their website  offer videos, magazines, cheese, sausages, bacon and many more Brit items. The shop is staffed by exceptionally nice folks who are happy to answer any questions or just chat for a bit.  One of my favorite foodie stops in all of Las Vegas…and it’s just a few doors down from Madame Du Barry’s Boutique. I always find some fun trinket there even though they don’t sell any cookware and I’m not exactly a show girl, stripper or transvestite.

    • lvegas
    • September 11th, 2009

    I agree with you about the HP Sauce…I always have a bottle in my fridge now. It’s far better than our A-1. I like Marmite, too but given the choice, I’d rather have Australia’s version Vegemite. It’s a little less bitter to my taste buds.

  1. I’m one of those few Americans who love Marmite, but the product I MOST got hooked on in England was HP sauce.

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