Las Vegas Buffets

Everybody has their favorite buffet in Vegas. If you happen to be a local, you’ve likely eaten at nearly every one of them. There’s no doubt the best buffet is a free one, but even with free buffets there are good ones and bad ones. 

The bad ones all have one thing in common-food service grade trays of not very tasty food and most of it is the same color for some reason. It’s almost as if the goal is to serve as many different items as possible without any regard for quality. But you know what? Even a bad buffet can be fun and every visitor to Las Vegas should experience the sheer volume of a typical Vegas buffet. If you’re after haute cuisine, book your next meal at Fleur de Lys or Bouchon. 

Service usually isn’t too much of an issue at a buffet. You’ll have a server that will visit your table when you first sit down to take your drink order and come by with frequent stealth visits to remove any empty plates on your table anytime you get up to make an additional run to the buffet line. They’re always cheerful and please don’t forgo a decent tip. They often get stiffed because many folks don’t think they merit a tip just for fetching beverages and bussing empty plates.

Studio B Buffet at the M Resort 

We won’t name names here when it comes to the bad ones, but there are a few honorable mentions for the buffets worth visiting. By far the best one on the Strip is the dinner buffet at the newly opened M Resort.

Studi B Buffet, M Resort

Studio B Buffet, M Resort

There were no less than a dozen nicely prepared seafood dishes on a recent Wednesday evening as well as numerous well executed beef, lamb and chicken dishes. The chefs do live cooking demonstrations as they prepare dishes from all over the globe. The desert station features an espresso bar with an attendant and a large choice of liqueurs, house made gelato and notable pastries. Dinner comes with local beers & wine. The only downside to the M Resort is its location. It’s on Las Vegas Blvd. but not on the Strip proper. A cab is a must if heading to it from the main Strip venues. $22.95 per person, includes beer & wine. Skip the hard cider unless you enjoy sweet wine coolers with your sushi & calamari.

Sterling Brunch at Bally’s

Sterling Brunch, Bally's

Sterling Brunch, Bally's

The Sterling Brunch at Bally’s is the most pricey of all the Strip buffets at $85 per person but the endless glasses of decent champagne, caviar, lobster and on one visit ostrich, duck, beef tenderloin, lamb, pristine oysters on the half shell as well as numerous other expertly prepared dishes make it well worth the price. It’s only open on Sunday mornings so it’s advisable to get there early. Highly recommended.

Carnival World Buffet at the Rio   

Sometimes quantity does triumph over quality and The Rio buffet proves it. Let’s face it, there’s no way a restaurant can present over 300 dishes from all over the world and do them justice for under $25 per person. But what fun it is to walk down the buffet line at the Rio! Worth the money just for the experience

Carnival Buffet, Rio

Carnival Buffet, Rio

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