Las Vegas Italian Grocery Mystery

You’d think that with all the folks from back east that live in Las Vegas there would be great Italian bakeries and full service markets all over town. Or at least a little “Little Italy”.  Sure there are a few modest Italian restaurant/bakery/grocery type combo places dotted around town but for the most part they’re just basic and not very inspiring food shopping.  Sadly, Italian bread in Las Vegas generally means a fluffy loaf from a grocery store bakery or overpriced “artisan” breads that really aren’t Italian and barely count as artisan. 

Siena Deli on E. Tropicana comes up in conversation most frequently as a Las Vegas destination for Italian grocery staples. Located in a strip plaza on the east side of town, the shop is a combo market/deli/bakery/restaurant offering up a nice selection of Italian specialty items. Worth the trip for a mortadella fix. If only there was a Siena Deli west of the Strip…hint-hint.

Siena Deli

Siena Deli

    • klandy
    • September 3rd, 2009

    Funny finding you here :o) I am on wordpress looking for some promising establishment to offer complimentry listings on my new Las Vegas Directory

    Wouldn’t you know I already have a page started for you but haven’t gotten the chance to talk to you about posting it. Our complimentry listings do have an experation date, but if you decide that it’s not for you when the time comes, there is no obigation to continue. Check it out and let me know if you want me to put your page up.

    • Terri
    • August 29th, 2009

    This looks very similar to DeViti’s Italian Market in Akron, OH 🙂

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