Healthy(er), Affordable Food on the Las Vegas Strip?

It’s there. In every casino. Every casino has a buffet and most are under $25.00 per person. The prime rib and cheesecake are still there but these days the buffets are full of choices prepared for health conscious diners. Vegetarian, low fat and vegan choices are available on every buffet. The casinos are eager to attract the health conscious tourist dollar and all of the casinos have cafes and coffee shops with healthy and affordable choices. A few more suggestions: 

Las Vegas caters to a large Asian tourist clientele and all casinos have excellent noodle shops and sushi bars, many of them reasonably priced. 

The Venetian is home to the Canyon Ranch Cafe a spin off of the Tucson-based spa.  The focus is on healthy foods like fresh produce and even turkey meatloaf, all for a moderate price by strip standards.

burger bar2

Burger Bar

Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay is Hubert Keller’s surprisingly affordable, family friendly casual restaurant. These aren’t your normal back yard burgers, the choices range from luscious Kobe burgers to his famous veggie and salmon burgers. The sides are not to be missed either. A family of four can eat for under $60 with tip and experience a memorable burger. A perfect stop after exploring the Shark Reef also at Mandalay Bay.

Burger Bar

Burger Bar

    • Terri
    • August 24th, 2009

    I’ll have the Kobe burger with black truffle sauce please!!!

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