Crunchy deep fried pork skin popular in Hispanic cuisine as a snack or ingredient in many dishes.

2 lbs pork skin
1 tsp salt
Cooking oil for deep fat frying

Trim almost all the fat off the skin and cut into 2-inch squares. Sprinkle with salt, spread on cookie sheet in one layer and bake in a 250 F oven for 3 hours.

Cool and set aside until ready to use. When needed, pour oil to about 1/3 the depth of the pan and heat to 375 degrees (medium hot). Fry pork the pork skin until puffed up, crispy and light brown. Drain on paper towels.

  1. I love this! Grandma used to make it to do with many stir fry dishes. Thanks for sharing and bringing back great memories. 🙂

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