Nine Fine Irishmen-New York New York

Nine Fine Irishmen

Nine Fine Irishmen

Nine Fine Irishmen in the New York New York Casino offers casual fine dining that’s actually affordable AND free live entertainment that’s actually entertaining. The atmosphere has a lot going for it as well. The pub itself was constructed in Ireland and brought over to Las Vegas to be reassembled piece by authentic piece so unless you’ve been to Ireland this is as close to the real thing as there is.

As a Vegas local, I get my share of out-of-town guests so as the entertainment director for my family & friends Nine Fine is my go-to Strip destination. The menu offers classic Irish fare as well as fresh seafood. The authentic fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and Irish stew are always a hit with my guests. I always go for the calamari or the seafood specials and have never been disappointed. The portions are large, the prices are reasonable and the service is spot on. The bar features a large variety of Irish beers, whiskeys and hard cider and officially holds the record for selling the most Guinness in the U.S. 

The food would be reason enough to dine at Nine Fine but the live entertainment on weekend afternoons featuring Michael Bowman and Tuesday evenings featuring the Celtic Rockers is good enough to pay for all by itself…and it’s free with no cover charge.

Michael Bowman

Michael Bowman


Celtic Rockers

Celtic Rockers

    • Terri
    • August 21st, 2009

    In a town where most the “talent” is silicon, Mike and the Celtic Rockers really know how to rock!! Don’t miss these guys at Nine Fine!

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