International Marketplace


The International Marketplace on Decatur has over 40,000 square feet of staples and specialty foods from all over the world. Their fresh meat department features paper thin sliced meats for shabu-shabu and those hard to find items like fresh cow lips and pig uteruses in two popular sizes, large & small (I don’t think I want to know what happens to the medium size ones). Relax, I actually don’t have any recipes for those last two items. The store is arranged according to country and has a seriously impressive inventory of Asian, Middle Eastern, South Pacific, Italian and other European foods all very reasonably priced. They also have an impressive selection of home décor, kitchenware and specialty electric appliances such as rice cookers. Located at 5000 S. Decatur Blvd.

international marketplace2

  1. Your blog very useful information for me.Thanks for useful information…

    • Terri
    • August 16th, 2009

    I never leave Vegas without a stop to the International Marketplace! Every aisle is a diffrerent country! There is always something new and interesting to try!

    And it’s not far from the Strip, so hail a cab and enjoy a non-gaming afternoon!

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